If you’re a VP of Sales who is tired of spending 90% of your time Prospecting people who don’t buy, and you’d like Marketing to help you talk to more win-ready leads and beat your quota...

You don’t hate your competitors, you just want to crush them.

But where is Marketing during all of your revenue generating activities?

If you’d like to work more efficiently with Marketing, and you want to maximize your sales process, because you’re hungry for more deals, more active pipeline, and less time your team spends on the CRM hamster wheel, schedule a free phone session to see how we can help you close more sales.

  • Be the smartest sales guy in the room
  • Fix stalled growth
  • Benchmark your sales system, people and practices
  • Use AI to create fresh leads at lower cost of sales
  • Never gamble on your forecast again

I learned a lot from Brett about how Marketing should be scaling my Sales. I’ve adopted his methods for my next business and am growing sales even more than in the last venture. It is very difficult to find someone like Brett who is equally strong in both Marketing and Sales. He is a goldmine, and very funny. 

– Rey Castellanos, CEO at Feed Your Wolf | Executive & Leadership Coach


  • Create fresh leads.
  • Put more selling time back in your day.
  • Create triaged lists of win-ready leads using our mutual opt-in process.
  • Write perfect proposals to get more deals closed.
  • Automatically identify your target customers’ pains, goals, and initiatives
  • Identify who your competitors are.
  • Sell the way buyers want to buy from you.



Coach your salespeople to be:

  • Results Focused
  • Time Urgent
  • Shameless
  • Follow-up Masters
  • Invulnerable to Rejection
  • Strong in their Values
  • Resourceful


  • Drive massive action
  • Attack the phone
  • Use the right sales email template to turn strangers into friends
  • Crush the Metrics
  • Assume the Close


We get paid to close, not to sell:

  • Give your team a stronger commitment to “Yes” than your customer has to “No”
  • Ask more intelligent questions and initiate more productive conversations
  • Earn more accounts for life. Get referrals and recurring business
  • Help your team be value-relevant


Impress customers with timely, value-added experiences, reaching trusted advisor status more effectively than the competition. Tag the worthiest deals to apply sales effort to and sell with a Monopoly mindset. Speed revenue and automate the increased confidence to close by creating the sales tools necessary to activate opportunities and influence an account’s willingness to push your proposal up inside their management chain.


  • Engineering a predictable revenue process
  • Designing Marketing-integrated lead connect systems
  • Certifying sales competency prior to increasing compensation
  • Building salespeople skills with data-driven sales coaching
  • Enforcing accountability so future sales are more predictable
  • Recruiting sales talent