If you’re ready to play a crucial role in your company’s growth and profits by helping attract the perfect kinds of prospects for sales to talk to…

70% of the customer’s buying decision is made on your website. So why isn’t marketing getting more recognition?

If you’re a VP of Marketing who is tired of constantly defending your team from questions like “What ROI does marketing have?!”.

If you’re ready to prove your team’s ROI to your CEO with cold hard figures… you might be ready to rent our experts so you can look good in every leadership meeting… schedule a free phone session.

  • Be a thought leader in cross-channel optimization
  • Contribute boardroom insight into the revenue forecast
  • Speed time-to-revenue
  • Guide organizational confidence despite the unknown
  • Prove ROI
  • Increase opportunity creation by framing your top-of-funnel value proposition
  • Overcome objections before the first sales call when they set as attitudes
  • Then nurture more mid-funnel engagement
  • Be the easiest business to do business with

Brett is an absolute ace when it comes to sophisticated sales automation programs. His incredibly data-driven and customer-focused approach maps a highly developed understanding of market-specific behavior to sales phases. The end results are rapid revenue acceleration at incredible efficiency that scales.

– Juston Brommel, CEO at Paper Lantern


Enter prospects deeper into the sales funnel.

Get the strategy to accelerate Marketing’s revenue contribution.

Ensure you’re engaging more customers by sequencing: the right message, to the right customer at the right time in their buyer’s journey.


Many businesses do not know why a customer should buy from them vs. their rivals! Shouldn’t you make the law of the jungle work for you, and against your competitors?


Shift the high-cost of carrying Marketing human capital and prove the business value of outsourcing a marketing automation team. Compete by shifting leverage from human resources to leveraging technology; reducing the need for human thinking where not required. Improve your omnichannel presence and attribution of ROI to Marketing spend.


  • Marketing Strategy and Communication Strategy
  • Customer Persona Development
  • Properly Sequencing You Value Messaging Across The Buying Cycle
  • Account Based Marketing
  • Aligning the Marketing effort with Sales Strategy
  • Demand Generation and
  • Digital Direct Response Marketing
  • AdWords
  • Face book Ads
  • LinkedIn Ads
  • Copywriting
  • Email Marketing
  • Content Creation and Monetization
  • Marketing Automation and CRM implementation optimization
  • A/B Spilt-Testing
  • Reporting For Intelligent decision making with Data Science and Data Visualization